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Page 8

Water meter union lock    page 13

Gas valve with wings        page 14

Gas valve with stem hole  page 15

Water valve with ears       page 16

Electric meter box bracket     page 20

Lock in square can  page 5

Punch & hole plug  page 10

Bracket & Retainer    page 11

Electric meter ring, front entry page 17

Electric meter ring, side entry  page 19

Gas valve with cover              page 18

Flush Mount & Stand Alone Installations

Protective Shroud & Recessed Installations

10 main pages

11 secondary pages show enlarged views of various hardware.

Home Page

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Barrel Lock

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End Cap

& specs

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& specs

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Square Can

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Page 8

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& specs

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History of Meterguard's Barrel Lock and Key

Locking off water, gas or electric utility meters, wing valves or boxes.