Meterguard barrel locks will open no matter how dirty.

A Meterguard barrel lock, installed in another manufacturer's housing, was found in a

bucket by a water utility employee. The rusted condition of the housing as well the amount

of debris deposited in the lock's key hole, suggest that the unit had been exposed to the

elements for quite an extended period of time.

Environmental Test

Meterguard's Locks can handle the toughest environments

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Cleaning and Unlocking:

A piece of wire was used to loosen the debris that collected and hardened inside the key opening. A puff of air, using a soda straw, was used to remove the loose debris. The key was inserted, and the lock opened as easily as a new one.

The debris on the outside of the lock wiped off with a damp cloth.

Note, the key hole does not need to be completely clean;

just clean enough to get the key into the hole.


The lock was disassembled and inspected;

the internal working parts were completely free of contamination.


The stainless steel components are 100% rust  proof.

The "O" ring seals proved to be 100% effective in protecting

the interior components of the lock from the outside environment.

Things that cost:

not using locks at all

locks that fail prematurely

replacing locks (due to above)

dealing with locks that will not open

lost revenue due to meter tampering

changing out meters due to tampering

damaging your own equipment (due to above)

additional time used to make return trips to the meter

administrative labor needed to process meter changes

employee frustration due to inoperable locks

additional vehicle wear and maintenance

additional vehicle gasoline usage

It's time to make a change!

The quality features designed into every Meterguard product will improve

your profit by increasing meter revenues and by reducing expenditures and waste.

We welcome your call today!

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Barrel Lock

"Brand X"

3 piece lock housing

Meterguard barrel lock is still functional.

The lock is still 100% functional !

Meterguard barrel locks will open no matter how dirty.


Meterguard's  locks will open !


Barrel Lock


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Meterguard's barrel lock can withstand the harshest environments. and still operate.

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