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Protective Shroud / Recessed Installations

Barrel lock installed on a water meter lock housing.

Flush Mount Installations

Meterguard's barrel lock is ideally suited for flush mount applications. The short tapered head cannot be gripped with pliers and will not break off. Meterguard's unique  lock generates a clamping force of over 60 lbs and produces a tight, tamper proof installation when used on meter boxes, housings, valves or rings.

Meterguard's new high thrust barrel lock and new adjustable end cap are a perfect combination for use on valves. The unique internal geometry allows the new end cap to be infinitely adjusted and tightened against a valve's ears before locking the lock in place.

Meterguard's lock cannot be gripped with pliers and will not break off. Protective recesses such as these are not a necessity but simply serve to amplify the exclusive advantages of Meterguard's barrel lock.

Barrel lock installed on an electric utility box.

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Sample Installations of Meterguard's Lock

The above "Sample Installations" showing  Meterguard's Barrel Lock are provided to visually demonstrate the superior tamper resistance of the short tapered head when retrofitted in a variety of locking devices. The demonstration is for comparative purposes only and is not to be construed as an endorsement by Meterguard for any particular lock housing or valve.  Click on a locking device for more information.

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Barrel lock installed on a gas utility valve.
Barrel lock installed on a water utility valve.

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Meterguard's barrel lock can withstand the harshest environments. and still operate.

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Square Can

Barrel lock for locking off a water meter.
End cap for barrel lock. Beveled ends, stainless steel.
Key to operate a Meterguard barrel lock.
Meterguard barrel lock intalled on a water utility valve.
Barrel lock and Key.
Locking off water, gas or electric utility meters, wing valves or boxes.