Barrel lock for electric meter boxes.

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Short Barrel Lock


  • The barrel lock engages a retainer (shown below) that is attached inside the base and is completely hidden from view.

  • The unique interaction of the barrel lock with the retainer, clamps the lid and base together with about 60 lbs of force. The lid is also mechanically pinned to the base so that the lid cannot be removed sideways as is possible with other manufacturers' lock housings.


  • The barrel lock generates a unique clamping force of 60 lbs and eliminates any gap between its head and the lid. This precludes the use of pry bars etc.

  • The short tapered head cannot be gripped with tools and will not break off.

  • This system replaces the costly, bulky external housings employed by others.

  • The retainer is completely hidden; eliminating any visual clue that might be used to defeat the locking system and gain entry to the meter box.

  • The lid is interlocked to the base to prevent sideways removal of the lid.

  • Only one external hole is required; it can be very effectively plugged.

Meterguard's stainless steel barrel locks are guaranteed not to rust!

The lock is sealed to be water tight and can easily handle dirt, mud, insects, foreign objects, water, ice, abuse and neglect for decades. The lock generates a unique clamping force of 60 lbs and produces a tight, gap free installation. The tapered head cannot be gripped with pliers or broken off.

These exclusive features allow Meterguard's new compact and cost effective retainer and bracket to replace the traditionally bulky devices used by others. The bracket securely links and positions the retainer inside the box, eliminating any visual clues that could be used to gain entry to the box.

The retainer is made of stainless steel; the lock and bracket are made of through hardened stainless steel. All are highly tamper resistant; all are guaranteed not to rust.

Barrel Lock for Electric Meter Boxes

The bracket and retainer are hidden inside the box.

The lid is clamped to the base with 60 lbs. of force.


Bracket, is made of through-hardened stainless steel. Part No. S/C - Bracket

Square Retainer, is made of stainless steel; for use with a short barrel lock. Part No. S/C - Retainer

Hole Punch, 7/16" dia. This punch is made of  tool steel and is constructed to insure that the hole will be correctly positioned; no measuring is required.        Part No. S/C - Punch

Hole Plug, is made of stainless steel and is reusable. To ensure safety, the plug cannot be pried off from the outside.           Part No. S/C - Plug

Dust Cap, is optional; made of molded plastic.    Part No. S/C - MC

Dust Cap, is optional; made of molded buna N.   Part No. S/C - MB

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Meterguard's barrel lock can withstand the harshest environments. and still operate.

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