The head of Meterguard's  lock is short enough to lie completely within a shallow recess such as this. The tapered head cannot be gripped with pliers, and it will not break off.

Meterguard's lock is water tight; is made of through hardened stainless steel and is guaranteed not to rust.

In this particular application, a standard length Meterguard lock does not pull itself tightly against the housing and is therefore free to rotate within the recess.

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   Imagine what this new lock can do for your bottom line!

The "O" ring seals and through-hardened, stainless steel construction places Meterguard's lock in a class all its own. These two features enable the lock to remain operable and pay for itself many times over in the decades to come. With Meterguard, the ongoing expense of lost service time and hardware due to stubborn or inoperable locks will become a thing of the past.

Meterguard Long Barrel Lock

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For more information and photos on how well the "O" rings and stainless steel perform in the "real world", click on Environmental Test.

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