Barrel Lock

The tamper resistant head cannot

be gripped with tools or broken off !

"O" Rings around the ball hole

and key hole are water tight!


  • High Security is attainable through the use of a simple, yet highly effective, design in which a bolt with a unique configuration is deeply nested in a close-fitting protective recess. This design makes it virtually impossible to operate the bolt with any type of tool. The bolt can only be engaged and operated by a mating key. The keys are available only to authorized individuals who are registered with the manufacturer. 

  • Ultra Simple, patented design of only two moving parts practically eliminates the possibility of a lock becoming inoperable for any reason.

  • Tamper Resistant:  The thick, tapered head of the lock, coupled with one-piece construction and through-hardening, greatly enhances the lock's ability to deflect hammer blows as well as other serious attempts at vandalism, including bolt cutters.

  • Reliability:  The rugged, simple design will operate in spite of the ravages of vandalism, inactivity, environmental attack and time.

  • Positive Operation: Since the "key" is a tough, miniature socket, a stubborn lock can be opened by simply applying a little more torque.


  • Seals at the key and ball openings completely isolate and  protect the inner chamber from the harshest environments. The seals, coupled with stainless steel components, virtually guarantee that the lock will remain operable, regardless of the environment.

  • Stainless steel components positively eliminate barrel lock failure due to plating deficiencies and corrosion.

  • Through hardening, vs. case hardening of all parts, significantly increases the ability of the lock  to withstand severe tampering efforts (including bolt cutters and hammers) without deforming or breaking.

  • One piece construction eliminates the weak, rust-prone joint which is normally found between the barrel and the head of other locks.

  • Re-keyable:  The unit can be "re-keyed" at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement.

  • Re-buildable:  Since all of the components are stainless steel, the life of the unit can be extended almost indefinitely.  Simply disassemble, clean the parts, replace the seals (if needed) and reassemble.

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This new barrel lock provides superior protection for water, gas and electric utilities

by integrating security, toughness, durability, and reliability into a compact design.

Meterguard's unique barrel lock generates a clamping force of over 60 lbs and

produces a tight, gap free installation when used on end caps, housings and rings.

Our barrel locks are made of thru-hardened stainless steel, are completely sealed to

be  water tight, and are guaranteed not to rust!  These locks can easily handle dirt,

mud, insects, foreign objects, water, ice, abuse and neglect for decades. The short

tapered head cannot be gripped with tools and cannot be broken off.

Meterguard's barrel locks will fit/retrofit all industry standard lock housings,

and are priced competitively with other brands of stainless steel locks.

A water utility in a major U.S. city cut its barrel lock expenditure by more than 50% in the first year.

References available on request.

with 60 lbs. of force.

Barrel Lock clamps

Barrel lock is made of thru-hardened stainless steel.


Barrel lock plug is water tight.

The buna-N Plug

for the key entry

hole is water tight!

Lock with short tapered head.


Barrel Lock


End Cap


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Meterguard's barrel lock can withstand the harshest environments. and still operate.

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Square Can

Barrel lock for locking off a water meter.
End cap for barrel lock. Beveled ends, stainless steel.
Key to operate a Meterguard barrel lock.
Meterguard barrel lock intalled on a water utility valve.
Barrel lock and Key.
Locking off water, gas or electric utility meters, wing valves or boxes.

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