Meterguard barrel lock installed in a Mueller gas valve.

For more information and photos on how well the "O" rings and stainless steel perform in the "real world", click on Environmental Test.

Gas valve

Mueller Company

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Meterguard's new high thrust lock and new adjustable end cap are a perfect combination for use on valves. Meterguard's lock generates a unique clamping force of over 60 lbs and produces a tight, tamper proof installation when used on valves like this. The barrel lock's short tapered head is designed to deflect side blows, it will not break off, and it cannot be gripped with pliers. Meterguard's lock is water tight; is made of thru-hardened stainless steel and is guaranteed not to rust.

This new end cap has an internal geometry that allows it to be infinitely adjusted and tightened against the valve's ears before locking the lock in place. The taper on the end cap helps to prevent the use of prying tools and effectively deflects blows from blunt tools. The cap is made of thru-hardened stainless steel, it can sustain severe tampering without breaking or deforming, and is guaranteed not to rust.

Head is clamped tightly against the wings.

Securing a valve with wings

doesn't get any better than this.

When it comes to surviving in the "real world", the advantages of having a small head far outweigh the convenience of having a small key.

Meterguard Long Barrel lock

Meterguard's New End Cap

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