Meterguard barrel lock installed in a Brooks union nut lock housing.

3/16" high

For Meterguard's stainless steel  lock is water tight. Total submersion and full exposure of the head on "flush mount" applications such as this, is typical duty.

Meterguard's lock generates a unique clamping force of over 60 lbs and produces a tight, tamper proof installation when used on housings like this.

The lock's short tapered head is designed to deflect side blows, it will not break off and it cannot be gripped with pliers or similar tools.

The components of the lock are made of thru-hardened stainless steel and are guaranteed not to rust.

Imagine what this new lock

can do for your bottom line!

A six-month, "side-by-side" field test conducted by a major water utility on this "flush mount" housing proved that Meterguard's lock out-performed every other lock on the market. Throughout the past 10 years, this water utility has very significantly reduced both its expenditure on new locks and its revenue losses as a result of meter tampering.

Water Union Nut Lock

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Meterguard Barrel Lock

For more information and photos on how well the "O" rings and stainless steel perform in the "real world", click on Environmental Test.

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Head is clamped tightly against the housing.