With our innovative concept of simplicity in both design and function,

we have set a standard that is unmatched in security, toughness, reliability and durability.

Barrel locks have been used for over 70 years and due to the fact that they must retrofit existing lock housings, have changed very little in outward appearance. In the '80's, with the length of the head being the only changeable dimension, some manufacturers sought to improve security and provide more key combinations by putting more parts in the head. The move toward more parts did increase security, but carried with it the negative consequences of reduced reliability (due to harsh environments) and not being suitable for below grade applications. The move toward more parts also required that the head be made longer and thinner, this carried with it the negative consequences of significantly reducing durability and not being suitable for flush mount applications.

Meterguard has taken a fresh and different approach in designing a better barrel lock.  At Meterguard, we took a simple, yet highly effective, and proven design consisting of two moving parts, added "0" rings to protect against the elements, and made our lock out of stainless steel to ensure longevity. The days of hassling with and/or replacing corroded, inoperable, broken and mangled barrel locks are in the past.  We designed the key to be an extremely durable "installation tool".  It has a unique interaction with the barrel lock that ensures optimum security. Other barrel lock designs simply cannot match Meterguard's list of standard features and advantages or meet Meterguard's levels of security, toughness, reliability and durability.

The criterion for barrel lock design has changed to meet the demands and challenges of the "real world" environment. Imagine the benefits and savings your utility can reap with this innovative new barrel lock and key. We can help you with an anti-theft program that will be both very affordable and reliable.

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Barrel Lock and Installation Tool are protected under U.S. Patent #5542273.

The high thrust barrel lock, adjustable end cap, square can bracket and retainer are Patent Pending.

Simple security  is  Reliable security

In barrel lock design, high security and high reliability are conflicting qualities which impose trade-offs that are difficult to blend in the same locking device. High security generally entails intricate complexity, whereas high reliability and toughness generally calls for practical simplicity. Meterguard's barrel lock provides the perfect solution to this paradox by getting away from the concept of a simple key interacting with a complex barrel lock. Meterguard simplified the barrel lock and shifted most of its complexity to the key. This allowed the barrel lock to be made substantially smaller, tougher and more reliable. Meterguard's proven system provides high security through the simple, yet highly effective, interfacing of two complex shapes. Since the key had significantly fewer design constraints than the barrel lock, it was free to evolve into a reliable and durable "Installation Tool".

Key coupled to barrel lock

Meterguard key remains coupled to barrel lock.